• Zach Stephens

Supercharge Your Digital Strategy in a Political Campaign

Much like businesses use digital marketing strategies, political candidates must also focus on a digital approach to communicate with their intended audience. In order for the candidate to build dedicated support, he or she must address the people’s needs. Key insight into their needs comes from monitoring the relevant people through social media.

Media monitoring in politics is used to help the candidate engage their audience, form effective messages, and emerge as a political trend for the age. By effectively defining your campaign's digital strategy, you will boost your image and build a strong coalition to support you.

To build an effective digital strategy, we follow the following steps:

  • Design a monitoring blueprint

  • Allow your followers to be vocal advocates

  • Identify engagement and demand

  • Identify what the audience wants to hear

  • Define a path of engagement

  • Dissect the data to better understand what works

  • Project a strong social media reputation

  • Form a specific messaging strategy

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